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IUAT 1.14
IUAT Software 1.14 (Windows 7 Compatible)

IUAT 1.14 Installation and User Manual

AUCB 3.10
Note: Use AUCB 3.10 to upgrade firmware and load the appropriate profile below before running IUAT.

AUCB 3.10 [Windows 7 & XP SP2 Compatible]

AUCB 3.10 Technical Update


New M4 iCONZ series image
M4 iCONZ Series Profile (PACBM5_PACBM4_020_005_G001-T000_TG_089-RC007)(Expires 30/09/15)

Current M4 iCONZ series image
M4 iCONZ Series Profile (PACBM4_011_016_G001-T002_TG_084-RC012)(Expires 30/09/15)

Professional Series
Professional Series Profile M2 and M3 (PACB_012_005_G001-T000_SG019-RC-004)(Expires 30/09/15)

Enterprise Series
Enterprise Series Profile (PACB_012_003_G001-T002_SG006x2_P1.2_ENTERPRISE22)(Expires 30/09/15)

Drivers and Gateway Profile
USB Driver
KGL Profile
BKH Profile

IPSTAR Trouble Ticket System
iPSTAR Trouble Ticket System

iPSTAR SpeedTest

HTTP Kalgoorlie Gateway
HTTP Broken Hills Gateway
FTP Kalgoorlie Gateway
FTP Broken Hills Gateway

IPA Support Hours
Support Hours Document

Sun Outage Predictions
Sun Outage Prediction 2015

Important Note:

For jobs in Portland Victoria, IPSTAR Link Capacity program will give out of scope location. iUAT run on this site will be successful as webpro database has been updated.

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